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Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil litigation law is a body of laws governing the resolution of lawsuits arising outside of the criminal system. Civil litigation law attempts to settle include bankruptcy, debt recovery, deceased estate disputes, and personal injury claims.

Civil litigation law tries to resolve all cases taken to court by individuals businesses, and any other bodies except criminal offenses. An offense that is criminal does not fall under the civil litigation law.

Civil litigation law has 5 major parts or classes of disputes it attempts to solve and they are divorce and family law, landlord and tenant disputes, property disputes, breach of contract, and personal injury or tort.

  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Eviction is the most common dispute between landlords and tenants that can be taken to court for a solution. Civil litigation law solves the cases in which a party’s failure in complying with the terms of a lease or disagreement about services a tenant alleges are lacking. Such conflicts are taken to court to be resolved by a judge.

  • Divorce and Family Law

This is a branch of civil litigation law that resolves conflicts and disputes that result from family relationships. It involves separation, divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and child support. These conflicts are usually taken to court for a peaceful resolution.

  • Real property Disputes

Civil litigation law also attempts to resolve all disputes about ownership rights, and title claims which involve remedies that include more than money damages.

  • Breach of Contract

Civil litigation law tries to solve conflict resulting from the failure of the parties to uphold a  contract. The aggrieved party can file a claim for breach of contract to recoup monetary damages that result from the party that failed that agreement. On the other hand, the complainant may request the court to enforce the performance of the terms of the agreement.

  • Personal Injury or Tort

Civil litigation law seeks to protect the injured person whose injury was caused by the negligent conduct of another person or entity. The injured person can sue the negligent party, asking for compensation. Personal injury litigation could arise from motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, injuries caused by defective products, and other related cases in which the negligence of a party results in an accident for another party.

The primary objective of civil litigation law is to settle disputes and award compensation for the person injured by someone else’s negligent acts or behavior.

If you get injured through the negligence of another person or entity, hire a civil litigation lawyer to help press charges against the negligent party and get the compensation you deserve.